Ep#16: The Sufi Chronicles: Part A: Starring Alex C.


The first of two podcasts recorded on-location at Sufi's Corner, a shisha bar on Arab street. 

Alex and I talk on being in your element, FEAR, almost getting killed by cars, shisha congeniality,  trends in general, trends as a concept, being a fat poser, appropriation, songs with subliminal sounds that make us feel guilty, dance knives


Intro: "Wahid" by Mos Def

Outro: "2 Cups of Blood" by Gravediggaz

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Episode #13: Alex C.

Back again, in the Lab! It's the irradiated Alex C! He and I fight through noisy Ah Bengs and girls with CRAZY pipes to  talk about wearing the work pants, ignoring the work emails, gentle reminders, Regattas, gentle reminders, travelling through typhoons/hurricanes, escaping Tokyo, maybe getting fired, Wipha, judging folks, pushy old white ladies, Funky Town, and a few more things!


Intro- "A Peace of Light" by the Roots

         "Chrome and Paint" 

Outro- "Bimmer" by Tyler the Creator

Episode #11: Lee X.


Recorded with the peaceable Lee X. in the Dreamwerkz studio at Ngee ann Polytechnic. Lee and I speak on dream narratives, being born a New Yorker, haters on retainer, eternal summer, politics of the real world and the spirit world, rafting with the RZA, Going commando, dirty feet vs. dirty hands, beards for the wrong reasons and much more!



Intro- "Venus in Furs" by The Velvet Underground

Outro-  "Wife" by Nagisa Ni Te